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Wireless equipment

Wireless – a radio-based communication method, also known as “Wi-Fi.” This is a global standard, approved by the Electrical and Electronic Engineers (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE). The original title of this standard – 802.11, but the acronym for “Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) more convenient, and it should also mean compatibility between devices. IEEE has approved and wired local area network standard 802.3 – yet another Ethernet.

Wireless data exchange with the possible assistance between stationary and mobile devices, remote work sites. Wireless access aid station radio terminals or computers can connect wirelessly. Station connected to a wired network and act as a bridge between wireless and wired networks. Maximum reliable wireless communication distance between two Wi-Fi equipment is highly dependent on technical parameters and environmental conditions – it can vary from a dozen or so meters to several hundred kilometers. The installation of a wireless network is important to draw attention to the consultants and installer’s recommendations.