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Cybersecurity – necessity!


Quality is and always was an integral part of our business, which guarantees transparency and continuous improvement of company activities, that in the end ensures high quality of solutions provided.

Cybersecurity becomes fundamental necessity for any company. Control and prevention of anticipated cyber risks, threats and vulnerabilities must take place. Application of best cybersecurity practices and technologies ensures that software, hardware and electronic data is protected from any attack, damage or unauthorized access.

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Equinox Europe – Zebra Technologies Premier Solution Partner

Optimization of logistics processes comes hand in hand with the digitalization of warehouse. Efficiency means transparency, so the first task of Warehouse Management System is to ensure identification at all steps. Simply said, everything must be barcoded – stock items, storage zones and shelves, transportation packages, etc.

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Hegelmann Logistics & Equinox Europe – successful management of 3PL services


Since the partnership between Hegelmann Logistics and Equinox Europe lasts for two years already, the customer shares its impressions and successful experiences.

“With the help of Equinox WMS, our warehouse handles all tasks with ease,” – says Andrius Šumskis, CEO of Hegelmann Logistics.

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STATICUS: warehousing of highly engineered façade solutions is no exception!

Equinox logistics solutions are suitable for various business and industrial companies. However, it must be admitted that each business area is unique and optimization of its logistics is carried out differently depending on the specifics of the business.

Warehouse of production, and especially, of design production, may have its nuances, but the task of Equinox Warehouse Management System is always the same – to make the warehouse more efficient and to put in order the principles of its work organization.

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VARLE.LT: popular e-commerce network chooses EQUINOX solutions

Strong e-commerce sector growth is forcing a number of companies to review their day-to-day business processes., the largest e-shop of technical equipment in Lithuania, is optimizing its logistics processes, and so, for this purpose, it was decided to implement warehouse management system.

Equinox solution was chosen to speed up order processing and to increase warehouse throughput. The choice of was determined by the developed WMS functionality, adapted for e-commerce, as well as, by Equinox cases of successful experience with other popular e-commerce market players.

Partnership contract between Equinox and is already signed, the project is planned to be fulfilled in the first quarter of 2021. We are happy to give a market advantage to one more e-commerce leader.

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Automated sorting line for small 5 kg parcels is completely handed over to Lithuanian post

Stepping into the year 2021 with a sense of accomplishment!

The end of year 2020 was crowned by the complete hand over of the automated sorting line for small 5kg parcels to Lithuanian Post. Sorter is installed, tested and already in full operation.

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2021 – the year of EquinOX!

The OX has been a loyal companion and servant for human beings for many years. OXEN were used for plowing and hauling cargo, for dragging carts and wagons, for powering machines and other purposes. Basically, the mission of OX was to make human daily life easier, it was a capable farming tool, and, in fact, the first kind of automation.

Nowadays, EQUINOX is there to help you! Our mission is to facilitate the daily life of warehouse staff and make its management effortless.

Happy New Year and let‘s turn your logistics into a capable „farming tool“ in 2021 together!

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Eugesta & Equinox partnership extends

We are happy to share that the scale of our long-term partnership with Eugesta, one of the largest distribution and logistics companies in the Baltics, extends once again and for one more country. Successful experience of cooperation at Lithuanian and Estonian warehouses where Equinox warehouse management system is efficiently operating already for years has been appreciated, and Equinox was chosen as Eugesta Pan-Baltic partner for WMS as part of major Eugesta’s project to unify all main IT systems across its subsidiaries in the Baltics.
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On 5th of August, 2020 „Equinox Europe“ was granted the continuous certificate „Strongest in Lithuania 2012-2020“, that was issued by the credit bureau „Creditinfo Lietuva“. Such certificate is granted to financially responsible companies with a high credit rating. It confirms that „Equinox Europe” is a stable and reliable company that always fulfills its financial obligations on time.

„Strongest in Lithuania” companies are the engine of the country’s economy. It is considered that such companies earn 77% of the total profit of Lithuanian business and generate more than a half of the country’s business turnover, and almost half of the country’s employees work in such companies.

„Equinox Europe“ is positively evaluated by the credit bureau for 9 years in a row.

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