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„Equinox Europe“ is a reliable integrator of logistics optimization solutions and a long-term partner. As part of international Equinox group, we apply our worldwide experience to Eastern European markets.

We provide solutions to market leaders from various business and industrial sectors, to the most advanced companies, which are looking for innovation in logistics. Our customers are distributors, manufacturers, logistics, courier and postal companies and others. We optimize the operation of customers‘ logistics and distribution centers and warehouses, arrange the principles of work organization there, select and implement technologies that are the most efficient in case of each specific warehouse. We have highly developed solutions for retail, distribution, 3PL and e-commerce.

Our services include such areas as logistics consulting, warehouse technology development and optimization, warehouse management system implementation and integration with other customer‘s systems, partial or full warehouse automation and robotization followed by installation of conveyors, sorting systems, automated storages, robotic systems for items picking or other innovative instruments that save human resources.

We help our existing and potential customers, as they grow or change the direction of their business, to cope with the increased flows of goods and to exploit the available warehouse opportunities fully. We study the uniqueness of each situation and existing business circumstances, consider customer’s resources, evaluate the existing unfavorable factors or other possible barriers and select a specific optimal solution in each case.

Our goal is to provide customer with a reliable and efficient solution that would bring actual benefits such as significant increase in operational productivity and expansion of logistics capabilities, that would meet customer‘s expectations, the desired result and would undeniably ensure a high return on investment. The extensive experience and practical insights accumulated by our specialists allow us to ensure the high quality of services and to achieve the goals set.