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Conveyors and conveyor systems could be compared to the highways. Here products, packages or pallets move faster and more efficiently. Usually conveyor or conveyor system is used to connect several faraway logistics center or warehouse areas (e.g ion and dispatch area.

In addition to conveyors or conveyor systems, no logistics automation is not imaginary.Conveyor systems

We can offer our customers reliable service, installing conveyor systems or conveyors:

Is allocated a number of kinds of conveyors –conveyors for light goods (boxes, packaging, spec. Containers, etc.) andconveyors for heavy loads (pallets, drums, etc..). Conveyors and conveyor systems can be both horizontal and vertical.

Conveyor systems may consist of several types – vertical or horizontal, light load or pallet conveyors. Also the systems may have several different types of conveyor lines (tape, rolls, spec.) and integrated peripheral devices (scales, volume measurement, packaging, labeling, elevators, etc.).

Our professionals have extensive experience and knowledge in various market segments, such as clothing, pharmaceuticals, food products, multi-media, automotive spare parts, mail and electrical appliances. This allows us to offer our customers high quality services and ensure the aims to be achieved and of course return on investment.

Equinox has developed a special hardware and software systems for conveyor and conveyor system control – Starsort. Using StarSort system conveyors, conveyor of nodes, different types of goods an automatic sorting equipmentcan be operated easily. StarSort – is unique, easily extended solution to be installed in warehouses and distribution centers.