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It is easily adaptable and flexible modular systems for pallets, crates, reels in the facilitation of the warehousecrane systemstorage and retrieval of it. Lifting height up to 50 meters. Systems could be of one, two or several depths. Crane systems can simultaneously raise one, two or more cargos. This may be palettes, paper rolls, machine platforms, drums, and even ships. System accuracy is very high, which means that the product will be placed/taken precisely to/from the place.
Automated solutions for warehouses and logistic centers:

KranaiCranes construction is from one to two masts. Maximum height of each model could vary, depending on the lifting operation and the principle of crane operation. Standard cranes can lift up to 3 tons of cargo. Cranes for heavier loads could be produced by special orders.

Crane mast concept consists of combining the four models, which aid as the height of the crane. Only the upper module can be of different heights. This design allows to maintain the stability of any height, flexibility to adapt the equipment and the installation of them in warehouses.
The systems have easily adapted, flexible modular design and are designed lift or transport pallets, boxes, rolls, etc.

Complete implementation of systems, electronics and control is provided along with maintenance.

Equinox Europe has exceptional distribution rights of company’s Swisslog-Accalon products in Baltic States and Russia.