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Inventory management and demand forecasting software solution – Slim4

Slim4 optimises inventory

Slim4 is the complete inventory planning solution. It can help you reduce your inventory levels and at the same time, improve your service levels. Typically, you will achieve up to 30% reduction in inventory levels.

Simulations will help you understand how a particular level of service will affect your inventory. You can also adapt the system to meet the specific needs of your organisation by adding various extension modules.

Current parameters

Slim4 continually analyses the sales of all items and determines the boundaries in which the demand of each item fluctuates. Where required, the parameters are automatically set for each item. Using clear ‘exception reports’, you will quickly be able to see which items need attention and input. Consequently, you will be able to make more efficient and better purchase planning decisions.

The ideal add-on for ERP software

Slim4 was developed to enhance your existing ERP environment. The implementation time is very short – delivering visible first results within months.

Demand forecasting

Establishing the demand pattern plays an important role in forecasting. Slim4 works out the best ordering method based on the demand pattern. As this is an automatic process, it will free you to focus on exceptions and items that require special attention.

Faster turnaround time

Your orders will always be based on current and correct parameters. Therefore, you will not need to spend time ‘fire fighting’. You will have access to accurate information. This will enable your organization to be more efficient and, importantly, more effective. You will be able to increase your inventory availability and reduce inventory levels at the same time.

Multi level planning

Slim4 is not limited to the management of a single location. It is the ideal forecasting and inventory management solution for organisations with multiple planning departments and / or multiple locations.