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Optimization of logistics processes

While analysing logistics system, you can create a complex model that would help the company’s managers to make strategic decisions about new products, management, procurement, manufacturing, product distribution and sales performance, and ensure efficient customer service.

Creating new logistics system design and optimizing the existing one, it is advisable to assess the following factors:

Often, it is unrealistic to examine all functional aspects of the logistics system. It is possible that it is sufficient to analyse one logistics element to achieve the desired target. Performed entire analysis helps to understand how the whole company’s logistical system functions.

Optimizing the logistics system is very important to evaluate individual system components and perform a detailed analysis: logistics productivity, transportation costs, product profitability, by industry standards and comparative analysis.
FAQ – questions&answers

What should be initiated to develop a new logistics network to reduce costs and / or improve service levels?

We will all be treated the distribution system – ranging from customer expectations, the choice of delivery method – and the certainty that evaluate storage location on the map (as from one another, they must be at what the transport system will be used, what is to be stored, etc.)

I want to choose a 3PL service provider. Who can help me?

We can help you to find, evaluate and select the most suitable logistics service provider. Depending on your requirements and needs, our consultants will help you choose correctly.

How do you evaluate the 3PL service providers? 

Our experts will help you evaluate the storage service offering companies and help decide what to choose, giving reasons for the usefulness of such a choice.

Through a new logistics project, I am facing administrative problems. 

We can help you to manage any logistics project from a new warehouse or logistics center building to start-up. Our experts properly supervise and monitor all stages of the project and will ensure that the facility is properly prepared and meet most customers’ expectations.