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Optimization of warehouse processes

Optimization objective of warehouse processes and operations is to maximize warehouse efficiency and productivity, balancing human and technical resources.

The warehouse design process is usually analyzed and evaluated by:

The result of a project is a precise description of warehouse processes, flows, operations, job title submissions, etc. Correctly arranged warehouse processes allow our clients to achieve the desired performance, “save” on human resources, to achieve better business results:

FAQ – questions & answers

How to maximize the production and storage processes?

Need to analyze and evaluate warehouse processes, their influence on production. To identify and unify the production flows. Only an assessment of these factors, you can create new or improve an existing product management system.

Who can carry out performance audits for the warehouse? Is it possible to compare with other companies?

We can audit your warehouse and help you to see your weaknesses and strengths. Also we can specify what actions should be taken up to become leaders in their business.

What do I need to know in order to better organize human resources?

It is necessary to analyze the overall processes in your warehouse and operational flows. According to the data obtained we can evaluate and calculate human labour need, a number of shifts and the work method. Only then it is possible to determine what operations need to be optimized and what changes must be done.

How to know the maximum of my warehouse?

We help to determine what should be warehouse space, how merchandise could be stored, how many order lines could be operated per day. We can indicate the time when you will have to expand the existing warehouse.