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Warehouse facility planning

Warehouse facility planning project consists of several separated but mutually influencing and reinforcing phases:

Several conceptual plot planning options are provided. Every variation defines the buildings, roads, car parking and vehicle movement in the territories of the scheme. All variations are calculated for maximum usable floor area.


How to calculate the type, size and design of the new warehouse?

Only experienced logistics consultants can help you to decide what height, width should be the object and how best it should be positioned on the plot. We can design the whole object with internal equipment and forecast human resources.

What and how can determine the best warehouse layout?

Reviewing the historical logistic data of the current business, forecasted flows of merchandise through the warehouse, we can decide and choose the most appropriate warehouse technological project.

Who can suggest the best storage equipment to maximize the volume of the warehouse?

We will help you to decide what storage system and how to choose and what storage method to use. We will advise you which technology is the best and how. You simply need to tell us your wishes and expectations.

Is it possible to analyse warehouse volume effectiveness?

We will help you to decide what should be your storage space – how many items and how you can store, how many lines per day can be sent. We can identify the time when you will have to expand the warehouse according to your specifics.

How to ensure the suitability of storage equipment and product safety?

We need to examine each stored product size, shape, quantity, and turnover. Then we can decide how best to use in your storage area and volume and select the most appropriate storage equipment (shelving, racks, carousels, flow rack system, etc.).