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UAB “Equinox Europe” has developed and is constantly improving solutions for warehouses and logistics centres. Our solutions – is full management of processes and operations from door to door.

Our warehouse management solution – Vision WMS – is based on a large experience of logistical projects, ability to apply new technologies and propose innovative solutions. The product is designed by UAB “Equinox Europe” company specialists.

In the development of software for our customers we work according to ISO 9001:2008. This means all our software projects are clearly structured and well documented. In projects we always have several phases. We start by making a requirements document, followed by a GSD (general system description) and a DSD (detailed system description). Only when these are approved by the customer we start programming.

In our software solutions we are always looking for a good mix between standard software and tailor made software. This guarantees a high reliability, reasonable costs and enough flexibility to adjust the software to your processes, instead of the processes to the software. UAB “Equinox Europe” provides not only professional installation, staff training and maintenance, but also continuous information to customers about the potential of innovation, useful functionality and other value-added items.

We offer you a posibility to manage your logistics, not a program.