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Integration with ERP

Warehouse management system VISION easily integrates with any ERP, financial or other IT systems. 

In most cases integration is performed with these the most popular ERPs of our customers:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)
  • Rivile
  • Pragma
  • EuroSkaita
  • 1C
  • Butenta

Please note that WMS VISION also integrates with other ERP / financial / IT systems. The essential requirement to ensure a smooth process of integration is the support from the installer of your ERP or other integrated system.

Data exchange process:

Your main information – product cards, customers, suppliers, carriers are imported into the database of warehouse management system.

When data is updated in ERP, it also updates in warehouse management system. WMS VISION automates warehouse work by receiving current data (purchase and sale orders) from ERP. After the tasks generated by warehouse management system are performed, the updated relevant information is returned to ERP, it could be information about the change in stock or transfer of stock between accounting warehouses.

Integration avoids double input of information and ensures real-time data exchange.

There are various ways of data exchange:

  • TXT, CSV, ASCII, XML file formats
  • Direct access to database
  • EDI protocol
  • WebServices method
  • XLS files
  • Exchange of data files through FTP service
  • Exchange of data files by e-mail