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Manual picking systems

Order Pick Systems

Equinox can deliver a wide range of order pick systems for all types of products. These manual sorting systems guide operators in the picking process visually, with RF terminals or through voice. With this guidance the operators complete orders by picking the required products from several warehouse locations. In a selection phase we can assist our customers with advise on the best solution for their specific needs. We have a wide experience with implementation of these system and can base our advise on experience numbers. In close cooperation with our customer we engineer the best system design and lay-out for your specific situation. Our own specialized employees take care of the complete installation and technical implementation of the picking solution in your logistics process. Our picking solutions are controlled by our own software that is especiially developed for these applications. We can interface with almost all imaginable ERP and WMS systems.


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RF picking – is RF guided manual picking system, suitable for all types of products. Operators are guided with mobile radio frequency terminals. One RF picking system can be used for any number of picking areas with an unlimited number of locations in each area. During picking, location or product barcodes are scanned as confirmation.

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Voice picking– is a computer aided pick solution with a relatively high picking productivity and accuracy. Operators are guided with a mobile terminal and a headset. The operator receives instructions through the headset. This means operators have their hands free and can fully focus on performing the picks.

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Pick2Light – in P2Lsystem, the worker is guided visually by lights to the exact warehouse locations where the ordered articles are to be picked. Pick2Light is especially suited for dense picking environments with moderate numbers of SKU but high pick frequency.

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Conveyor picking – in conveyor picking solution there is a combination with manual picking and conveyor systems. The solution optimizes order picking process and gives quick return on investment.

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MCPC – is a simple and economical picking solution. It dramatically increases picking productivity and virtually eliminates errors. The operator can pick articles for 4 to 8 orders simultaneously, which reduces walk time.

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