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Conveyor order picking

Conveyor picking solution significaly maximizes the picking process and provides a quick return on investment. This solution is dedicated to optimize customer order picking using conveyors.

Storage areas are equipped with flow racks, which ensure stability of the flow of goods. Separated areas are equipped with conveyer lines for the quicker goods transportation. One or more pickers, depending on the nature of the goods, the desired process performance or other factors, can operate zones. In separate solutions there is installation of the repackaging and inspection area. The picked orders are packed in to containers (boxes or special tare). Packed order is automatically transported to shipping directions areas.

Operator scans the picking sheet, and then scans the container. Picking sheet is attached to the container and the container is put on the conveyor line. Conveyor line after determining the barcode transports the container to necessary zone. Operator picks goods after the picking sheet, then place container on the conveyor line. Conveyor line transports to next picking zone. The process repeats until the job is completed to the end (the order is fulfilled). Then the container is transported to the inspection area. Controllers check for completeness by the sheet, package in an appropriate container and puts results to the system. Then, shipping label is printed, attached to the box/container and is moved to shipping area.

The tare is removed from conveyor the palletized if needed and distribute according routes.