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Put2light system – guided paperless put system is generally acknowledged as the most efficient and accurate form of manual product selection and placement in today’s warehouse and distribution centre environments. In a P2L system, the worker is guided visually by lights to the exact warehouse locations where the ordered articles are to be put.

P2L is especially suited for dense put environments with moderate numbers of SKU but high put frequency. Equinox’s P2L systems can be used as an autonomous system interfacing to your existing system or as a fully integrated part of the Equinox VISION system. In both cases it can provide big productivity boost compared to other picking techniques. There is a large variation in P2L modules. The more simple types only have a lighted confirm button and a display. The Put2light modules with several colored lights make it possible to work with several operators in one area at the same time. Function buttons on the modules make it possible to communicate with the system, for example to adjust quantities on the display. Equinox delivers these systems as turn-key projects including flow racks, product totes, and take-away conveyors.