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Equinox Europe – Zebra Technologies Premier Solution Partner

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Optimization of logistics processes comes hand in hand with the digitalization of warehouse. Efficiency means transparency, so the first task of Warehouse Management System is to ensure identification at all steps. Simply said, everything must be barcoded – stock items, storage zones and shelves, transportation packages, etc.

After such modernization the best and inseparable friend of any warehouse operator becomes Mobile Handheld Computer, which captures necessary barcoded data ant transfers it to WMS.

Zebra Technologies – is our long-term and trustworthy partner for digitalization equipment.

As Equinox Europe being Premier Solution Partner of Zebra PartnerConnect Program, we are able to offer our customers an access to the most innovative Zebra products, better pricing, special promotions, all in all, the unmatched service and expertise to ensure your warehouse is operating efficiently.

Overview of Zebra products