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Eugesta and Equinox – another step forward together:
WMS upgrade at Estonian warehouse

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Once we get in touch with a customer and establish a relationship with him, we have a good practice of constantly taking care of him – we maintain consistent mutual cooperation, while improving customer’s logistics processes as he grows, develops and expands. One such beautiful example is our long-term partner – Eugesta – one of the largest distribution companies in the Baltics, which distributes well-known brands of FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) to retail chains. We are counting over 15 years of partnership – friendship with Eugesta started in distant 2004, when we implemented VISION 5 system at Lithuanian warehouse. As customer felt tangible benefits and noticed the results of efficient work, in 2010 the decision was made to implement warehouse management system at Estonian warehouse as well.

  „Equinox Europe“ offers a complete, user-friendly and easily modifiable automated warehouse management solution. This system is successfully adapted to the specifics of our company, different needs of suppliers, customers and storage requirements. It is also fascinating that at any stage of warehouse process it is clear: what, where, how and when happens with a particular product, who performs each procedure. All these reasons and the successful experience of cooperation have led „Equinox Europe“ to become our partner in Estonia as well (translation from Lithuanian). Povilas Laukys
Head of logistics, Eugesta

Time and technology do not stand still, everything moves forward. Our warehouse management system is constantly evolving as well. Five years ago, we combined practical knowledge and insights of our logistics and IT specialists with our vast global experience gained over 25 years into one piece and created an upgraded, fully developed and perfected product – warehouse management system VISION 7. This new version is flexible, dynamic, with highly extended functionality, which is being constantly updated to this day along with the changing market situation. VISION 7 has several key features compared to the previous version:

  • Support for Tobacco EU Directive
    (tobacco module);
  • Updated graphical user interface,
    more convenient intuitive control;
  • In most cases user can independently change system configurations and algorithms;
  • Full multi-warehouse support
    (multi-warehouse module);
  • Courier module support;
  • Support for multiple languages in one system;
  • Unlimited number of accounting warehouses, etc.

Eugesta is an international and innovative company, business leader, who is in constant search for advanced solutions. After discovering the potential to develop logistics more efficiently, as well as following the new regulations of Tobacco EU Directive, in 2018 it was decided to take privilege of being our long-term existing customer and upgrade warehouse management system to VISION 7 at Lithuanian warehouse with lower costs. Once again, after experiencing positive changes and achieving the planned efficiency, it was decided to upgrade WMS version at Estonian warehouse as well. This final optimization and step forward was completed this year, the process was finalized in July. Customer is already happy with the possibilities of the new system and expresses only kind words of gratitude.

I would like to give big-big thanks to all EQ team who were behind our WMS upgrade project. Especially to EQ Customer Support specialists, who were at the frontline and did fantastic job supporting our people over this intense and crazy week. Today we already see that VISION 7 is quite a big step forward for our clients and all our team members are happy to work with this new version. Of course we are eager to unlock more potential of this new version, but it will be step-by-step process in near future. Martin Arula
Supply chain manager, Eugesta Eesti

Whereas our Equinox team of integrators was pleasantly surprised during the launch of new version, that customer‘s staff accepted the new system positively and in good spirits without any natural skeptical attitude towards change. Sure thing, we prepared before launching the new system, customer’s employees were trained in advance and introduced to the processes of new system remotely, and also customer’s employees went to look around at Lithuanian warehouse, where the new version of WMS is running for a couple of years now. In Estonia, during the launch week, we helped customer to adapt to the new system, quite quickly and smoothly we made necessary configurations and changes in the system according to customer‘s unique specifics, and then successfully left customer to continue to operate independently. Certainly, if there would be any questions or difficulties, our customer support center is constantly available and keeps in touch. Stepping aside a bit, we still continue to take care of our customer and we are always ready to help him to discover and implement effective logistics solutions in the future as well.