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IFtorina 2020: „Equinox Europe“ amongst event sponsors

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On 01st of February, 2020, the annual informatics and math quiz IFtorina 2020 took place at Vytautas Magnus University and Lithuanian Energy Institute, organized by VMU Faculty of Informatics. High school senior students from diffetent cities of Lithuania participated in the quiz.

During the event, participants had to complete a variety of tasks from such areas as mathematics, programming, multimedia, artificial intelligence and computer graphics. Students had to overcome various challenges and to solve different problems that could arise in the future world. One example called to imagine year of 3500: the world where all major work is done by automated systems. One team of students was tasked to restore a power failure, another team was trying to control the failed robots, others were trying to escape from a smart house with a malfunctioning security system, and a fourth team had to bring a packet of printed food to Mars.

At the end of the event awards ceremony took place, and the best performing students were awarded with prizes from sponsors.

We are exited to contribute to such an enthusiastic quiz for the search of young talents, and that‘s why we have been supporting IFtorina event for several years in a row, which we hope will continue to succesfully exist for a long time and help ambassadors of future generation find themselves in the professional field.

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