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In Equinox Europe ideas become reality

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In company Equinox Europe there is an event called “Next day delivery” which is continuing third year in a row. The main idea of this event is to involve all employees to gather into teams and do a little bit of brainstorming and creating whatever they want. Most important rule is to achieve what they want during 24 hours period and try to create something useful for the company.

“This idea have born because we wanted to encourage our employees creativity and help them to work free without any supervision“, says Andrius Noreika, vice president for projects. Basically this event is one of the key methods to train people become leaders and innovators in them current job positions. Employees can easily create something what will help them in the future to work more efficiently and etc.

It’s very joyful because this event attracts more and more attention from all our company employees. Because this event is more like a competition there is a lot of excitement and desire to create an idea which will be the nominated as a winner. Winner is elected by voting for the best.

This years’ winner is a team within Saulius Č., Sigitas and Romanas. They suggested to implement new way to create and track reports.