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« Wszystkie aktualności 2019-10-22
In July 2019, “Equinox Europe” has signed an agreement for the implementation of warehouse management system with “” – one of the largest e-commerce players in Poland. According to the contract schedule, warehouse management system will start in late October 2019, just before Christmas fever, which will allow our client to manage the increased flow of orders smoothly at the end of the year.
„“ offers its customers a wide range of goods, nearly 1 million different items. „“ is the leader in online commerce in Poland in such categories as computer equipment, household goods, tools and electronics, and mobile phones.

As is known, since 2018 „“ operates in partnership with „Pigu“ – the largest e-commerce company in the Baltic States. Companies cooperate, exchange knowledge and best practices in logistics and business automation.
As a reminder, we have been working closely with „Pigu“ group on logistics processes optimization for quite some time now: „Equinox Europe“ warehouse management system was implemented for two „Pigu“ companies – in 2013 at the warehouse of „“ (Lithuania) and in 2014 at the warehouse of „“ (Latvia). Besides, in 2015 at the warehouse of „“ also the automated conveyor system was installed – the solution of „Equinox Europe“, which is currently under development and to be filled with new capabilities.